Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Growing up...

"Princesses don't wear pants". This is what I was told on a daily basis by Miss Ruth when she was younger. 

The struggle I would endure to get her into pants was so frustrating. I am sure all you mums of girls know exactly what I am talking about here. We had stockpiles of leggings and stockings because come winter, that summer dress was what she wanted to wear, and some battles are just not worth fighting.

Yes, that is trackpants underneath a dress... 

I remember the tears that fell over the fact that the school uniform was not pink, and that she would actually have to wear shorts on some days as that was the sports uniform. She was also completely devastated that I refused to purchase the hideously expensive Winter dress and she had to wear trackpants all Winter to school.

Somewhere though a transition happened... she started to complain less and when it was practical she started to wear shorts or pants out.

Now she chooses to wear jeans and a hoodie most of the time. She has to be begged to wear dresses and skirts. And yesterday morning she groaned at me when I told her she had to wear her school dress. 

And don't even talk to me about the fact that she asked not to be called a princess anymore. I think this little miss is growing up. I am not sure I am ready, but I guess I will just have to run with it. Then call her princess anyway, because I am her mum, and well, its my job to annoy her right??

Is your daughter a princesses don't wear pants kinda kid?
Are your kids growing up too fast?
Are you not ready either?

Monday, 11 November 2013

Summer Sewing Inspiration

As I mentioned the other day, I am embarking on a Selfish Summer Sewing Spree for the next couple of weeks; using up some of my fabric stash, and moving it into my wardrobe. 

Today I have been trawling google images having a look for some inspiration. I like to wear clothes that are super comfy, but can be dressed up if need be. I like my jeans and t-shirts, but I love dresses, skirts and shorts as well.

 Here are a couple of the things I've found that are inspiring me.

What's inspiring you this week? 
Are you sewing this Summer? 
What's your Summer style?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Digital Parents Blog Carnival

Head over and have a read through some posts from other blogging parents. You never know, maybe you will find a new favourite (you know, second favourite, after me...)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Oh... look at that!

My old friend the sewing machine has made it out onto the table a fair bit lately. 

I took part in the Kids' Clothing Week Challenge. Well, at least in part; I had awful arthritis pain that week and was unable to sit in certain chairs around the house.

I made myself a dress. Which I am yet to blog. Actually I am yet to take photos of myself in it at all, I should put that on my to do list.

I made a whole lot of medal vests for Ruth's calisthenics friends.

You could even (almost) call me someone who sews again. I am starting to remember the joy that comes with creating with the machine and thinking that I really should get stuck into thinning out my stash and sewing. The thing is... I don't want to sew for anyone else...

Does anyone else suffer from handmade selfishness? I want to sew a few things for myself. Not the kids, not the Mr. In fact, when they ask me to sew their buttons back on, I feel like saying "well - there is the needles and thread..." 

So I am thinking of starting a Selfish Summer Sew-a-thon and sew myself some nice new items for my summer wardrobe. I think it sounds awesome, and I hope that the kids get jealous.

What selfish summer projects do you have planned??

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Melbourne Cup

I was really excited when my tickets arrived for the Melbourne Cup on Friday last week. 

I quickly set to dress shopping, and realised that I actually had a dress in the cupboard, so just went out and bought a fascinator for the occasion. If any of you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you also know that I set to finding out how the heck all you girls get curls to stay in all day (seriously one of my life's biggest frustrations!). 

We had a wonderful day. The crowd was bigger than any I have ever seen in my life. The noise was amazingly loud, and we got a wonderful position on the lawn, near the finish line. It's funny, as a girl who is originally from the country, I just kept wondering how on earth there could be a crowd this big and I actually not recognise ANYONE!! 

We didn't take many photos. I had no pockets in my dress, so the Mr was looking after my phone, but we took a few photos, most of which are covered in little fingers... WHOOPS! But here are the pick of the bunch.

We had such a wonderful time. And returned home by 7pm, completely exhausted and with feet full of blisters. We are so wonderfully grateful for the opportunity we had to go, and hope to get to go again some time in the future.

Oh... and in case you were wondering... YES! My curls did stay in all day.