Saturday, 30 June 2012

over being a sook

So yesterday I decided to stop being such a sook after being on here.

I went to the shop and bought some cold and flu tablets, then..

I went out the back and harvested our large rocket plants.

I made a delicious vegetarian lasange (that my children refused to eat because it contained vegetables).

I then had a nice hot shower, and I went to work. 

The day didn't end up being so bad after all. Funny how when you decide to be positive rather than negative things change.

Today we had a stage rehearsal for Miss-R for her calisthenics, and then the kids had some friends over for a play. Was wonderful to hear screaming coming from my backyard!

I think tomorrow will be a study day.. I didn't get much more done yesterday, and today wasn't much better. I've decided that is okay though, its more important to be sane than to drive myself to negative insanity reading things that wont sink in because I can't be bothered/ I'm too cold/ tired/ sick.

Friday, 29 June 2012

My Creative Space...

It's been a while since I have played. But next week I do believe I will play along with My Creative Space.

For this week, I think I will just stalk other people's crafty goodness.

feeling less than human

Today is one of those days... I am behind with my uni work this week. I'm still not really sure why. I was really thrown by the heater fiasco on Monday and I didn't really get any reading done after work, which has really set me back.

Mr-O has been really needy this week too. He's so so clingy (I guess its just one of those stages) which has made it really difficult to read, get on a computer do anything really other than read Cars, watch Spiderman and give cuddles. Perhaps a couple of late-nights over the weekend, while he is asleep will help me catch up.

It's been so cold here overnight and with no heating I don't think any of us are really sleeping very well. I woke up at 5.30 FREEZING so just got up and sat in front of a heater. Was actually a good time to get into some uni reading. No kids to distract me and a nice blanket and heater to keep me warm. 

 I don't feel much like this today though, I can feel that stuffy nose, slightly cluggy chest feeling as well which always comes with this time of the year (although Ive dodged the flu quite a bit lately so my number might be up).


I feel a bit more like this... technology isn't completely working for me, and there's a mountain of books on my desk that keeps falling over. I am not really in the mood to sit and read about cognitive constructivism and its relationship to social constructivism as interesting as it is of course.

 Thank goodness though, I have finished one part of my work for the week, now to read about formative assessment. Perhaps a bit of a meander through blog-land for a bit first though. When your head is slowly filling with snot, its difficult to try to put any information in it...

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

hump day...

Wednesdays are generally a fairly busy day for me and Mr-O and today is no exception.

 We've been to story time at the local library for some stories, singing and craft...

We've been and done the week's grocery shop, every little boy's favorite chore...

Now we've sat down and had a deliciously healthy lunch (well mine was, Mr-O had noodles), and I'm enjoying a cup of chai while I write away and he watches movies having a little rest.

 I also have to read some of this before we walk to the school to pick up Miss-R. 

I also made a promise to Miss-R that I'd make her a new skirt for her casual dress day on Friday at school for the end of term. I was thinking of this one.

I won this pattern last year on Toni's blog when it was released and I am yet to use it. This might just be my chance... especially since I bought a bunch of new patterns yesterday that accidentally fell in my cart when looking at them online.

Good news on our heater, it should be fixed soon! Hooray! Last night was apparently Melbourne's coldest night in 8 years, no wonder all 5 of us (that's counting the cat who snuggled in) were in our bed this morning!

Anyway, I best be off to be a good girl, read my textbooks so I can get some crafty time in later. 

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

winter warming...

We're heading for a top of 12 degrees Celsius here in Melbourne today. Normally I would say that was fine - we live in Melbourne, if I wanted tropical I should move to Cairns or something. But this is the extent of heating we have at the moment in our house...

Excuse my dodgy photography - a fan heater isn't exactly the most wonderful model.

It's been one of those annoying, niggly weeks here at our place. Our dishwasher died on Friday as well as a bunch of other annoying little things. But the icing on the cake happened yesterday.

Yesterday morning we awoke to the wonderful smell of electrical smoke in our house, smoke alarms went off and the power went out. We grabbed our coats and raced out the front and called the fire brigade who came along and after some investigating, told us that our heater malfunctioned - the fan broke or something (I don't pretend to understand these kinds of things) causing a small fire (I think) Pretty sure when we turned off the heater it went out, they didn't need to break out any hoses. 

Basically - our house didn't burn down - hooray!! But my heater is broken - poo!! I am grateful that the house didn't burn down, don't get me wrong - so so so so so grateful!! I will be changing my habit of leaving the heater on low overnight in winter and just turning it off. Not worth the risk!

So Mr-O and I sit here in front of my little fan heater. We'll put on our jackets and scarves and beanies until we are warm. I'm sure once the sun is out we will be more able to keep the house warm, so long as we don't leave this room...

Hope your day is full of sunshine and warmth...

Sunday, 24 June 2012

a new place...

I have had blogs before...

My most recent blog was a part of my website / business which I am closing at the end of this month. I had a handmade modern cloth nappy business where I sold WeePantz Cloth Nappies.

WeePantz was such an achievement for me. I started my business in the midst of post-natal depression. It helped me to grow, to move on. It gave me something to focus on besides the feeling like I was inside a record that was on repeat day after day. WeePantz was beautiful and wonderful, and having other people love the things that I had made with my own hands, designed with the ideas in my mind, that gave me a feeling that cannot describe.

I am a mummy. Being a mum is such an exhausting, emotionally draining, awesome, fantastic, frustrating, rewarding and challenging job. It is like a roller-coaster.  I love my kiddies so so much. They are an amazing blessing and make me smile like no one else can. I have a little girl who is 7, and a little boy who is 3.

I went back to my job of making coffee last year, I love making coffee. I especially love making coffee in an environment that is fast-paced. Being busy is something that I long for. I don't enjoy being bored and generally fill in my time with the many projects I have going on.

I LOVE to sew. Possibly the reason I started WeePantz was because it fed my fabric addiction. If people bought my wares, I had more excuse to sew. Sewing is a happy place for me. A place where no one can bother me, where I can make something beautiful.

I LOVE music... Once-upon-a-time I had made the decision to marry my guitar and ride off into the sunset with nothing but the wind in my hair and a song in my heart. I never got to do that, but my guitar and I have our little affairs off in the corner when I am attempting to ignore my textbooks. I used to be in a band, I miss getting to sing every day like crazy.

I am really looking forward to being a teacher.  I went back to my university study this year. I love learning how to teach, except when I have to read more than I like of boring boring textbooks. I have to remind myself that the end justifies the means and that I have to read those boring boring textbooks so I can be a good teacher. 

Well - now that the introductions are over.... the next chapter has begun, lets see where it takes me!