Sunday, 24 June 2012

a new place...

I have had blogs before...

My most recent blog was a part of my website / business which I am closing at the end of this month. I had a handmade modern cloth nappy business where I sold WeePantz Cloth Nappies.

WeePantz was such an achievement for me. I started my business in the midst of post-natal depression. It helped me to grow, to move on. It gave me something to focus on besides the feeling like I was inside a record that was on repeat day after day. WeePantz was beautiful and wonderful, and having other people love the things that I had made with my own hands, designed with the ideas in my mind, that gave me a feeling that cannot describe.

I am a mummy. Being a mum is such an exhausting, emotionally draining, awesome, fantastic, frustrating, rewarding and challenging job. It is like a roller-coaster.  I love my kiddies so so much. They are an amazing blessing and make me smile like no one else can. I have a little girl who is 7, and a little boy who is 3.

I went back to my job of making coffee last year, I love making coffee. I especially love making coffee in an environment that is fast-paced. Being busy is something that I long for. I don't enjoy being bored and generally fill in my time with the many projects I have going on.

I LOVE to sew. Possibly the reason I started WeePantz was because it fed my fabric addiction. If people bought my wares, I had more excuse to sew. Sewing is a happy place for me. A place where no one can bother me, where I can make something beautiful.

I LOVE music... Once-upon-a-time I had made the decision to marry my guitar and ride off into the sunset with nothing but the wind in my hair and a song in my heart. I never got to do that, but my guitar and I have our little affairs off in the corner when I am attempting to ignore my textbooks. I used to be in a band, I miss getting to sing every day like crazy.

I am really looking forward to being a teacher.  I went back to my university study this year. I love learning how to teach, except when I have to read more than I like of boring boring textbooks. I have to remind myself that the end justifies the means and that I have to read those boring boring textbooks so I can be a good teacher. 

Well - now that the introductions are over.... the next chapter has begun, lets see where it takes me!

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