Friday, 29 June 2012

feeling less than human

Today is one of those days... I am behind with my uni work this week. I'm still not really sure why. I was really thrown by the heater fiasco on Monday and I didn't really get any reading done after work, which has really set me back.

Mr-O has been really needy this week too. He's so so clingy (I guess its just one of those stages) which has made it really difficult to read, get on a computer do anything really other than read Cars, watch Spiderman and give cuddles. Perhaps a couple of late-nights over the weekend, while he is asleep will help me catch up.

It's been so cold here overnight and with no heating I don't think any of us are really sleeping very well. I woke up at 5.30 FREEZING so just got up and sat in front of a heater. Was actually a good time to get into some uni reading. No kids to distract me and a nice blanket and heater to keep me warm. 

 I don't feel much like this today though, I can feel that stuffy nose, slightly cluggy chest feeling as well which always comes with this time of the year (although Ive dodged the flu quite a bit lately so my number might be up).


I feel a bit more like this... technology isn't completely working for me, and there's a mountain of books on my desk that keeps falling over. I am not really in the mood to sit and read about cognitive constructivism and its relationship to social constructivism as interesting as it is of course.

 Thank goodness though, I have finished one part of my work for the week, now to read about formative assessment. Perhaps a bit of a meander through blog-land for a bit first though. When your head is slowly filling with snot, its difficult to try to put any information in it...

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