Saturday, 30 June 2012

over being a sook

So yesterday I decided to stop being such a sook after being on here.

I went to the shop and bought some cold and flu tablets, then..

I went out the back and harvested our large rocket plants.

I made a delicious vegetarian lasange (that my children refused to eat because it contained vegetables).

I then had a nice hot shower, and I went to work. 

The day didn't end up being so bad after all. Funny how when you decide to be positive rather than negative things change.

Today we had a stage rehearsal for Miss-R for her calisthenics, and then the kids had some friends over for a play. Was wonderful to hear screaming coming from my backyard!

I think tomorrow will be a study day.. I didn't get much more done yesterday, and today wasn't much better. I've decided that is okay though, its more important to be sane than to drive myself to negative insanity reading things that wont sink in because I can't be bothered/ I'm too cold/ tired/ sick.
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