Tuesday, 3 July 2012


It's school holidays here in Melbourne and my gorgeous gorgeous children have gone off with Granny to the farm for a few nights for a holiday, giving me a lovely couple of days off from motherhood. I am so so grateful for their trip as it gives me some time to myself that I very rarely get.

So rather than wiping bottoms and peeing with the door open this week just in case anyone needs me in that 30 seconds, I'm going to spend my week doing EVERYTHING that I want to do! 

The first thing I want to do is spend time getting ahead on some of my study. I have a couple of assignments due next week so I have spent most of today sitting underneath a blankie like a little old lady reading away without interruption. 

I also intend to spend some time working on Calisthenics costumes for Miss-R as competition season is coming up in a few weeks.

This little dress is a bit too small, so I have to let it out for her to wear it comfortably. There's also a small stain there which I was going to attempt to tackle, but after finding the exact fabric on special at spotlight I am going to just replace the panel as it is only tacked on. There's also a leotard to take in which is kinda freaking me out a bit as I don't play nice with lycra... especially when it's sparkly...

My Sew-Jo has been on vacation for a few months, so I am hoping that this project will fan the passionate flames rather than squash them!

I've also got to re-sequin Miss-R's dress bag as being pulled in and out of car boots for 2 years has lost it a few sequins. That reminds me... I have to go get some more sequins!!

So, back to the reading after a trip to the grocery shop to purchase something to cook for dinner that my kids definitely wouldn't eat!!!!

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