Thursday, 26 July 2012

My Creative Space

This week in my space I have been pottering around making a few things here and there. 

I made a pair of super bright, very cute pj pants from some flannel that I bought from Cam when she was de-stashing ages ago. This fabric was supposed to be turned into baby wipes to sell at the markets with WeePantz. But baby wipes weren't really a top seller and I never got around to making them up. The plan in my fabric choice was seriously to blind someone's eyeballs. The MR HATES orange for some reason unknown to me - good reason to wear it if you ask me!

They have this cute ribbon on the back. Yes, purposely child-like. My kids can't have all the fun right?? But, alas - I made them a little too small, so they can sit in the sewing room for a little while til Ive lost a few more kilos I think otherwise they will be more like stretch-less flannel leggings... oh I know you want some!

I spent some time tracing out this pattern for Miss-R. I know, I know, I said I was going to make her this skirt first, but Miss-R got really excited and chose her fabric for this one so I will make this first for her.

This arrived today too from crafty mamas. After looking through the online preview of the designs the other day I thought there was probably only one or two things I wouldn't like to make for summer once it finally arrives! So I went ahead and bought it... Gotta use up my fabric stash right?!?!

I am also researching for my bag adventure next month, which I am super excited about.

There are lots more crafty peeps sharing their spaces over here - check out their awesomeness :)

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