Monday, 9 July 2012

brain fry

I have a huge week of study this week, one assignment due tonight, another due on Sunday. 

So I am sitting with my head in a book, well there are many books open and I am attempting to spread my head around the lot of them at once... Its making for a very fried brain, but my assignments are coming along beautifully.

I got to do some recording yesterday. Which was lots of fun, and I hope to have a little demo of covers ready soon to send out to the local markets, pubs etc to try to pick up some little gigs. 

I have done something fantastic and cleared a whole shelf of my fabric stash off by selling a bunch of my minky fabrics.  YES!!!I'm still on fabric ban though! clearing off one shelf means nothing to the MR!

Hope your Monday is much more exciting than mine, and that rather than sitting in the same chair doing the same thing that you have done for the last 5 days, you are making something beautiful!

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