Tuesday, 10 July 2012

a bit too quiet...

It is a bit quiet around our house this week. Mr-O and Miss-R had a wonderful time away at Granny's Farm last week, in fact Mr-O bawled the whole way home because he really didn't want the holiday to end! This week, it is so quiet, although the children came back from the farm on Friday, my Miss-R is away visiting her dad this week.

It's amazing how when both children are away you celebrate, stay up late, go out to dinner, have spicy food, sleep in etc. etc. But when only one is gone you are reminded of the void. Mr-O and I are having fun spending some time together, he follows me around the house, gives me loads of cuddles and kisses and we get to hang out. I do so miss my little miss though and am looking forward to her coming back (even if it isn't for another few days!). Although I hear she is having a wonderful holiday.

So here I am, sitting under a doona because I simply cannot stand being cold and I have a pile of books so so very tall to look through tonight to work on my assignment. The MR is out at hockey and I am making the most of my time alone. I also have a HUGE pile of boxes, full of fabric ready to be shipped off to their new owners tomorrow. It is nice to see some empty shelves in the sewing room. Makes my fabric addiction so much less obvious!

Hope your Tuesday was fabulous!

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