Wednesday, 4 July 2012

W.I.P Wednesday Shame Files

I'm linking up with freshly pieced for my first Work In Progress (W.I.P) Wednesday. The freshly pieced blog is a quilting blog, but seeing as I am still sewing, I figured I could still join in ;).

I have been spending a bit of time clearing out my sewing room the last few days. Deciding what to keep, what to throw out and of course what to sell off. More on the cleaning tomorrow.

In my travels through my piles and piles of fabric, I did discover a few projects gone by the way-side over the years. It really is the shame piles because some of them could have been finished and I just plain old didn't! 

So here's my W.I.P's for this week...

The first is a pair of little explorer overalls

I cut these out when Mr-O was a baby to sew up for him and never got around to it (probably got distracted by sewing nappies). I remember finding them again a year or so later when my sister had a little boy the same age and thinking that I should sew them up for him... yeah, its quite obvious that happened!! Now that I've found them... thankfully, my sister is quite good at making little boys, and has another which will fit them! hooray!! So I might just sew these up and send them to her.

A piece of pre-shirred fabric cut to my size. 

I remember buying and cutting this fabric but can't remember why on earth I haven't finished it. A quick project for one day that I feel like sewing but don't want to do too much methinks. It will be nice to put away for summer.

A fairy dress for Miss-R.

I'm so good at finishing dresses... I even sewed the hem on this one, and then never put the elastic in for it to fit her around the bust and waist.

 A pair of unfinished work pants.

I remember making these and got so caught up in other things that I didn't put the buttons on and when I went to that I couldn't find them! Looks like I will be getting me some new work pants soon... once I put those buttons on!!

So there's my shame files... hopefully I can turn those into finished products! Be sure to head over and check out what everyone else is working on also!
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