Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Coming up...

A few weeks ago, Cam announced that she was going to be running a bag sew-a-long in August. I am in a serious sewing drought so I told her that I would most definitely be sewing a long!!

Now as a bag addict, I have officially been on handbag ban for 18 months now as I have so many that if I buy anymore I will be in serious trouble! So I sat and thought about what kind of bag I would like to make for this adventure. Some of you, who read my previous blog might know that my wonderful mother purchased me a DSLR for my birthday back in January... WOW!! I have been cautiously taking it out of the house, terrified of dropping and breaking it since. So I thought to myself... hey! why can't I make a camera bag?? I have seen a few around and thought well why not?!?!

I have set to researching fabric, patterns, tutorials, construction ideas and such and have a small amount of an idea what to do. It is ALWAYS a good idea to have an end product in mind. As a very visual person, I need to know what I am making. I am often saying to the MR "if I can picture it in my head then I will have no problem making it".

So today's task is to sit down with textas and paper and draw myself a sketch so I can make a plan and sort out some dimensions. Then I can get started with a good idea of what I am doing (totally not an excuse to play drawing!!). As I said to the MR the other day.. I am going to take my time, do it slowly and properly and make something beautiful for myself!

So wish me luck as I fill up my pin-board with ideas and head over to Cam's yourself and sign up to sew along too!
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