Friday, 3 August 2012

better late than never...

I missed my creative space post yesterday... The world was happening...

Work... Tiredness... Major meltdown in the evening (me not the kids)

So I will update you all today :)

I have done some planning for my bag for this month's sew-a-long. Which was fun, and a bit exciting. I have to do some more research yet, but there's something on paper.

I also made (translate - decorated a chesty singlet) Miss-R a top to wear to her school mini-olympics on Wednesday. MUCH appreciated by all involved. We are all pretty into the olympics here, so it was pretty exciting for Miss-R that her class got to dress up in Australia colours.

I made a dress bag for someone at Miss-R's Calisthenics club.  I even inserted gussets... these will be going on her dress bag that I will make for next year as it means it will hold more costumes.

And then after that I sat doing assignments as it is week 10 at uni (translate - end of semester) so I am crazily writing portfolio and journal entries and sleeping very very little (thus the meltdown).

I am looking forward to bed on Sunday night but know that I need to work hard to get there as I have a lot of work to do.

I hope you are enjoying your week!! 

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