Friday, 17 August 2012


I have spent so much time recently obeying the commands of the "important" things in my life. Kids, work, uni, housework, cooking, washing. I don't make enough time for me.

Last week I was very sick. For Wednesday, Thursday and some of Friday I couldn't move. I had spent so much time the week before staying up late, and then getting up early to work on assignments. I was drinking a lot of caffeinated drinks and eating quick, easy meals (translate - very unhealthy) and the end result was that I came down with the worst flu I have ever had. I felt almost as bad as when I had glandular fever.

It goes to show that what you put into your body is important. Food is fuel, and rest, fresh air and sunshine are what keeps the body moving. When you put the wrong fuel in your tank you become run down and simply don't go (much like if you tried to run your car on soft-drink instead of petrol). I am generally a VERY healthy person, I don't eat very many processed foods and I limit my caffeine intake to one coffee per day and a few cups of tea. More on this another time, it has taken a LOONGG time for me to wake up to the foods that I put in my body and how they make me feel inside and also the affect they have on my mood.

Last week I do believe my body was saying HOLY CRAP! What are you doing to me woman?!?!?! 

Thankfully, I am now on the mend and after a very stern wake-up call, I am back on my usual healthy diet and am doing a 7 day clean eating challenge to help my body get back to normal. I also made the decision yesterday that I would spend today doing something for ME!

I busted out my plans for my bag for the challenge and the fabric I have chosen and started tracing.

Unfortunately I am out of interfacing though (insert big fat frown here). I thought I had LOTS but apparently I am out (I want my bag to be nice and sturdy). So I will head off to Spotlight over the weekend and get some more. Here's a peek at my fabric choices though...

One of the main rules that I had for undertaking a sew-a-long was that I HAD to use fabric from my stash. I am on official fabric ban at the moment until I use up some of the fabric I already have. These two fabrics just so happened to be sitting next to each other on the shelf.

The grey fabric is a cotton fabric that I bought so long ago I can't remember where it was. But I do remember buying it to make pants. The pink is something I bought to make myself a new ironing board cover. Yes... too busy sewing nappies up until recently to bother making either of those things for myself! But when I saw them sitting together on the shelf I thought... yup! They are going to be my bag. 

The grey will be the main body of the bag and the pink will be my accent fabric. I just love pink, especially bright pinks like this one. 

Hopefully I will have more progress by Monday. Now that I know what I am going to make, I am very excited to make it.

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