Thursday, 19 July 2012

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This week I have been pottering around in my sewing room. It has been so overrun with nappy fabric recently that I can't get through the door. But thankfully I sent off a whole lot of it this week which meant I could get in there to finish off one of my Unfinished Objects from the other week.

As I said back then, I have had these little explorer overalls cut out for three years and have never gotten around to sewing them up.As a consequence of them being cut out so long ago (read - before I had my current glasses), some of the pieces were slightly wonky. But they still sewed up okay with only a little adjustment.

They are the 12mths size, and I used some cotton linen for the main fabric which has a really nice texture to it. I used some Sandi Henderson Farmers Market for the straps, waistband and cuffs. I remember getting these fabrics for my 25th birthday from my mother in law as they have such a gorgeous fabric shop up near her place that I LOVE to hang out it every time we visit.  

I made one little change to the pattern instructions - being that I attached the buttons to the straps rather than the bib of the overalls so that if the straps were too long my sister could sew on some extra buttons to make them shorter. I always hated having overalls that only had one button when my kids were babies, having the extra buttons helps them to fit longer.

The buttons are some beautiful wooden ones that my mother in law sent with the fabric. She knew I had this pattern sitting around, asked the lady in the shop to find the pattern and had bought everything I needed to sew them up. It was a very thoughtful gift, and I am glad that even though it took me three years to finish them off, they will finally be worn.
I sent them off to my sister the other day, and can't wait to see some modeled shots (hopefully they fit!).

I am hoping that having some sewing success lately is going to motivate me to sew some more. I have some more gorgeous patterns and apparently a-lot of fabric to work with so I really would like to!

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