Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Creative Space

I am playing along today with My Creative Space. Something I haven't done in a while as I haven't had a blog to show off on, but now I can, so I will!

This week as I said yesterday, I have been spending some time clearing out my space. Organising, cleaning, throwing out things and deciding what I might like to sell when I do a de-stash.

The MR and I have decided that I am not to buy any more fabric for a while as I have SO SO SO MUCH of it that I need to use first!

There's a fair amount of fabric there... LOTS of minky and there's a whole box of fabric prints that I hadn't folded yet.... (No... I am not a fabric addict at all...)

I also found this guy while I was cleaning up... hiding in a box of fabric.

 Not looking so impressed with being in a feminine environment....

There were a few pterodactyls in there too.... I think someone is hiding his toys from his big sister?

So all the cleaning got me in the mood to do some actual sewing, and I ended up doing something I had been meaning to do for a while which is change this dress into a maxi-skirt.

I saw someone else blog about doing this a little while ago. I must confess however that I didn't read the instructions or follow them in order to make this skirt... I just took their idea and did it my way.

So something you should know about me. I am really tall for a girl... (or at least everyone keeps telling me so!). At 5'11" it is quite difficult to buy pants, jumpers, shoes, basically anything (you guys really are all horribly short it is not me at all). So when I bought this dress, I really loved it at first, but then after a couple of wears, I realised that it really was too short, there was way too much shin showing and it was at that awkward length that doesn't look any kind of cool at all.

So I chopped it off just under the armpits there and made it into a skirt! It fits perfectly (oh yeah baby, actually covers my whole legs!). I wore it out to dinner with the MR on our date, wore leggings underneath and noone was any wiser that I had layers on... no shin showing here!

A slight triumph might actually motivate me to do a bit more sewing. I am finding it tough to find reasons to sew lately, perhaps I am scared of doing something crappy, perhaps I am not enjoying it currently... not sure. But I do know that there is some orange spotty flannel there that would make awesome pajama bottoms and I know that I wont make them too short!!

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