About Me

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog.

I'm Amy. I am a 29 year old full time mummy of 2 and pre-service teacher. 

This blog was created in June 2012. I decided it was time to start a new chapter of my life, and as I wound down an online handmade business it was time to celebrate my life and write. I like to write about my life, the little place in the world that my family and I live in, my creative projects, fitness, teaching and learning, books, music, and the many other things that make up the journey that I am on.

I love my crazy little family, my partner and our two children make my life complete. We love to have fun, do silly things together and lean on each other when we need the strength. But mostly we just giggle and dangle our children upside down, because that is fun...

I love to read, to sew, to make music, to bake, and to learn. I love to take photos of the things that excite me and share them with the people around me. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and having a healthy, happy body and mind. 

I hope you join in with me along the way, leave me comments. Let me know that I am not just talking to myself and help me to re-join the blogging community and meet some new friends.
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