Thursday, 19 September 2013

Stuff and things

I have been completely absent from blog-land the last few weeks as I have been swamped by uni work. I have also been rushing around for the kids, mostly Ruth's calisthenics.

I finished off last study period one day before I started this one. With no break, and an overloaded study planner you can imagine I was pretty snowed under. I've made a few decisions over the last few weeks though and I think that will ease up my stress, and give me freedom to write.

Firstly, I decided to drop a subject at uni. I was overloading anyway, so I still keep my full time status, and I get a few less headaches. I will start overloading again at the beginning of next year when Oliver starts school. It is nice having time to breathe.

I also removed my blog from nuffnang. The thing about advertising on your blog is that you actually have to make time to post when they want you to, and consistently. I have no problem posting consistently usually, and blame my disestablishmentarianism, but I simply cannot do something just because someone else wants me to. It is a weight off my mind to decide to close that door.

 So here is to the wonderful, less stressed, ad-free future.

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