Monday, 17 February 2014

Catching Up...

It has been a while between drinks here at my old blog. Whether anyone even comes here to check if I have posted I don't know. But I do post a bit on my Facebook page, if anyone ever is searching for me, and wants to get in contact. I intend to do a bit more posting on here, a few times a week when I have time.

Monday is a nice, quiet day in my house now. The kids have started school, so after the weekend of hectic running around, Mondays are nice. I must admit that every day when I drop off Oliver at his classroom and then walk out of the school yard empty handed I feel a little bit strange. It is like two little pieces of me are missing. Mind you, when I get home I find plenty to fill my time while they are gone, but it is strange being away from both of the kids all day. I do enjoy pick up time.

Last week I started uni holidays again. So I have been sewing and playing games and reading. I only have one year left now. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. I really can't wait. I think I will be spending some time over the next few months working on my portfolio, so that I can get some work as soon as I am able.

I have been getting into a bit of photography. I went to a half day photography course a few weeks ago and learned how to use the manual settings on my camera. I am actually really enjoying taking photos, it is a new skill to perfect. A few photos I have taken lately...

I hope your week is beautiful.


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