Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Goals for 2014

Seeing as I have not really been in attendance over the New Year period, I thought I would do a little more catching up. I am not a New Year Resolution kind of girl. I think resolutions are made to be broken. But I am a goal setter, and not just in the New Year ;)

In January, I sat down and asked myself what I wanted to aim for at the moment. You know, with uni going like crazy, and all of those other things to keep me occupied, why not have MORE goals?!?! I like to set myself goals because I like to be living with purpose and because I always seek to improve myself in little ways. So when I sat down on that day I didn't pledge amazing, mountain-moving goals that would take heaps of time. I sat down and asked what I wanted, what it is that I think will make my life happier, and my family's too. So here they are; my goals for 2014.

Goal #1: Family.

 I want to make more time to spend with the kids. Over the Christmas period, I locked myself in a room and worked on assignments for days at a time whilst the MR looked after the kids (bless him). My goal is to have more time to spend with them, and do the things that they love. Read books with Miss R, and play counting games with Mr O, because they love these things and I love them. 

Goal #2: Study.

I want to stop studying on the weekends. I overload at uni. This means that I do more subjects in a given study period than is recommended. I do this for a few reasons, I want to finish my degree faster, and I have the opportunity to not work and study instead at this time. Last year, when Olly was in Kindergarten, I was able to use my time wisely and only study when the kids weren't home, or when the MR was home to look after them. This worked well, but with both kids in school full time this year, it is my goal to stop studying on the weekends, use my time without them during the week to study, and have more family time on the weekends. I am also aiming to finish my degree this year, and undertake my internship in term 1 of next year. This is a big goal, and it is going to be hard work, but I am committed to making it happen.

Goal #3: Fitness & Health.

It is no secret that I am a bit of a gym junkie. My current goal is to go to the gym five days per week. Being fitter, stronger, and faster is important to me, not only because I want to look good naked (and have abs), but because it is important for my health. I have arthritis in my spine, and being strong is a step toward being pain free. I want to be stronger than ever, especially in my core, as this will give me the ability to do things I haven't been able to before. As another part of this goal, I am being more strict with my nutrition. Carrying extra weight makes the joints hurt, and eating the right things gives my body the energy it needs to workout five days a week, run around after two kids, and keep up with uni. Sticking to a healthy, flexible, balanced diet is an important part of this goal too.

Goal #4: Me.

We all pledge to look after ourselves, and give ourselves time to relax. My 'me' goal for this year is that I will find time to do the things that I love. Playing my guitar, singing without abandon, take photos, knit, and sew just to name a few. This is an important one, because it is part of maintaining sanity in this crazy life that I am pushing on through.

So those are my goals. I have already started working toward them, I know that things wont slow down this year, and I don't want them to! What are your goals for the future?


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