Friday, 28 June 2013

new arrivals

I have been very busy the last few days, there are the assignments that are all due next week, on the same day, at the same time. But I have also been spending my spare time knitting up a little scarf for Oliver as I said the other day.

my little man modelling his new scarf

I finished it off last night, and someone was so excited this morning when they found out that it has not left his neck since. Even though it is not really very cold today here in Melbourne. I will have to take some better photos and post them at a later date.

I also mentioned the other day that I am keen to learn how to knit in the round and make some things that are not scarves this winter and that I had ordered a few bits and pieces to get me started. 

Well - when the postie arrived today he brought me a few little gifts which someone was super excited to open.

Some wool from Bendigo Wool Mills
Some pretty coloured balls of wool from Bendigo Wool Mills and a set of circular knitting needles. Now when I purchased the needles, I grabbed the 40cm ones; I then realised that they come in different lengths as well as gauges so I am hoping that they are just the right size for everything I could hope to make. I know I am dreaming, but I hope they will be fine for the things I am thinking of making in the near future.

I also borrowed this book the other day...

circular knitting workshop by Margaret Radcliffe

It's called Circular Knitting Workshop by Margaret Radcliffe. I stumbled upon it at the library when I was doing some research for my assignments and I thought I would check it out and have a bit of a read. Its got some very good tips on how to cast on for different projects and knit various things. So I am looking forward to reading it a bit more closely once I have finished all of my looming assessments. I am also hitting up YouTube big time on how to knit in the round and earmarking some easy projects to start me off.

What is your favourite easy knitting pattern?

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