Friday, 14 June 2013

six months...

Six months and eleven days to be perfectly exact.

Six months and eleven days since I posted on this blog....
Six months and eleven days of thinking that I needed to make time to write....
Six months and eleven days of ignoring google plus just in case it decided to remind me that I needed to post on here...

What happens in six months and eleven days?

Lots of things happen in six months and eleven days.

You can take a road trip to Queensland and back with the world's most well behaved children.

You can have a wisdom tooth extracted and it strike back terribly 2 weeks afterwards.

You can get up very very early every morning to make time for study while the children are still sleeping.

You can go on teaching rounds and have a wonderful experience and learn a lot of skills for a future profession.

You can get conjunctivitis from your child - conjunctivitis that the doctor told you was not contagious.

You can realise that your child loves Harry Potter, and help them dress like Hermione Granger for book week.

You can discover that beanie and scarf in the bottom drawer, as it is now cold and blustery outside.

You can cook up some super tasty treats with your kids, realising that your four year old loves cooking and will help to make any meal you ask him to.

You can be grateful that you have beautiful children who love each other with the purest of hearts and would prefer to snuggle up tightly on the same couch cushion just to be close.

You can also realise that perhaps you neglected your blog and that you probably needed it in order to fulfill a deep desire for an outlet, one without judgement or bias, one that you could speak into and bring to life.

You can make a promise to yourself that it wont be six months and eleven days until you blog again...

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