Wednesday, 19 September 2012

midweek musings

When I step outside my house at the moment, I smell Spring and it is beautiful.

Spring time makes me think of New life. Promises. Warmth. 

We go for our morning walk and we smell flowers growing and freshly cut grass. We hear birds chirping and frogs singing to each other. We see our noses all red from the crisp air as it is still quite cool here when the sun is behind clouds.

We go for a drive and a few streets away we can see the baby lambs in the fields.

I go out in our back yard and I see that the trees are growing new shoots.

New flowers are growing on the branches too.

Our beetroot is also getting bigger and should be ready to move into the garden bed in the next few days.

Springtime makes me think about how grateful I am for the four seasons that we have. After the cold, fruitless winter, comes the spring, the promise of new things to come. The promise of growth. The promise that it wont stay cold forever.

We're still wearing our jumpers and track pants, but Spring brings the promise that soon we will swap our boots for thongs and our jumpers for singlets. For now I am enjoying the smells and sounds and sights of the beautiful season that is upon us. I am enjoying the promise of the growth and fruitfulness that is to come.

What is your favorite thing about Springtime?

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