Tuesday, 18 September 2012

on the colour of my thumbs

I have never in my life been much of a green thumb. Despite this, Tuesday morning is quickly becoming gardening time at our place. Mr-O and I like to get out in the sunshine with the dirt and worms and pull up the weeds, plant seeds and tend to our garden. I'm actually enjoying it too!

I am making plans to make our garden beautiful. Ways that I can use the small amount of suburban backyard we have effectively and beautifully and yet still leave room for playing. To give a mental image, our backyard is not big enough for a trampoline or a swing set, but it makes a marvelous cricket pitch!

During winter we planted a veggie patch. Growing and eating our own home grown veggies, as few as there were, was really good for the kids as they knew that they had grown them themselves, they made it! But this was our first instance of trying to grow veggies, and we have a lot to learn and a lot of improvements to make. For instance about the quality of our soil, the soil on our block is very hard and generally quite awful. The front yard somewhat resembles concrete, even though I know there's none in there!

I now can see lots of worms in our garden bed as I dig in it which makes me excited about our soil improving.This has inspired me to keep it up and last week we had a bit of a seed planting day at our place.

This morning we went out and had a look at our seedling pots and some of the seedlings are starting to sprout and in a few weeks they will be ready to go into the garden which will be really exciting.

Mr-O and I are really excited about making a really awesome veggie patch this season. We are all really looking forward to eating our own veggies again.

Do you have a veggie patch?
What colour are your thumbs?

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