Wednesday, 26 September 2012

on graduating...

We are super excited at our place at the moment because Mr-O is now dry overnight. This is an amazing achievement for him and we are congratulating him with lots of kisses and cuddles. This means that our little man is now graduating from nappies!

 For those who know me, I am a cloth nappy addict to the core and we have now used cloth nappies for just short of 4 years on our little man. It feels like an amazing achievement.

We have used them at daycare.

We have used them in hospital.

Used them at night and during the day.

I have been called amazing and crazy for using them all of this time.

But I'll let you in on a little secret... it wasn't that hard...

Cloth nappies are not like they used to be, there was no folding or pinning or soaking or even buying of those awful PVC pants that went over the top. To care for them I just had to do a load of washing and hang them out on the line (or when I was lazy just put them in the dryer).

They didn't smell. Well unless there was a number 2 in it, and generally you change the nappy then anyway. I'd say disposable nappies smell more.

My cloth nappies went on just like a disposable. And yes, you need to put the number 2's in the toilet, but if you read the back of a disposable nappy packet you are meant to do that with them too. Human waste does not belong in landfill. 

I did have to touch poos... yes... but unfortunately that is just part of being a mum of a baby I hate to say. I used disposables part time with Miss-R and I touched plenty of it then too. 

My nappies rarely leaked. In fact I think I got less poo-splosions with cloth than I did disposables. 

I think I am going to miss using nappies. I am going to miss that fluffy little bottom to pat. I am going to miss asking Mr-O "what colour this time??" and I am going to miss seeing them hanging on the line. But this is all part of growing up, and I am so excited for my little boy to be moving past the baby and toddler stage and into that wonderful age of childhood when he will learn a number of fantastic and exciting new things.

Now on to storing them away for the "just in case" third baby that I wish I might have one day although probably wont get to. 

What kind of nappies did you use?
Do you get excited when your kids are getting bigger?
Has anyone got any storage tips for cloth nappies?

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