Thursday, 20 September 2012

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This week, I have been doing some hat sewing.

I signed up at the beginning of the month to a hat sew along over at Solomon's Sewing and started quite quickly on sewing up my first Sunkissed Hat for Miss-R.

She chose some Dr Seuss fabric for one side and some flower pot fabric (I'm sorry I forget the name of it) for the other.  I am certain that the Dr Seuss side will get much more wear than the flowerpots as she is in love with The Lorax at the moment. She alternates between reading the book on my phone and watching the movie many times a day, I am certain she knows the entire thing off by heart!

The pattern was quite easy to sew as it had easy to understand instructions (as with all MIP patterns). So for a novice hat sewer like myself (this is my first hat), it was quite an easy and enjoyable project. 

turning the hat 

 top stitching
 of course, I ran out of bobbin just before finishing the top stitching...

 sewing on the velcro.

I will definitely be trying to make a few more of these hats. Mr-O has spied this one and said he would like one (most likely with pirates on it) and Miss-R wants another in purple. Who knows, maybe I will get time to make them before the month is out.

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Maybe you can join in yourself. What are you creating today?

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Ginx Craft said...

Gosh, I didn't know that Dr Seuss fabric existed. Lovely hat!