Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Blogtober 10th: KCWC day 3

Today is day three of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge (although if you are in the US it is still day two).  I have put my dress sewing plans aside for the week so that I can use my sewing time for the kids challenge. 

I cut out the pieces and set to sewing today. I must admit, I have ditched the instructions completely as I have a slightly different finished product in mind than the original pattern intends. 

I pottered away for about an hour and a half today, making sure that every seam is straight and finished. I also made sure I did understitching in the pockets (not that the pattern asks for it)  to make sure that they sit flat and don't pop out as Mr-O runs around. 

I am even doing double top stitching in lime green to make the shorts have a more professional look.

I am really pleased with how well these are coming together and Mr-O is excited about having some new shorts to wear when the weather warms up. Can we wish it to warm up by sewing shorts and crossing our fingers and begging the sun to come out and defrost us??

I got the shorts almost finished today with only a few little tasks left to go. I will work on them again on Friday morning as I have work all day tomorrow and won't have time to actually sew. I have other kids clothing sewing plans for tomorrow evening, inbetween the reading and studying and general organising of small children. 

Are you playing along with the Kids Clothing Week Challenge?
Are you dropping by for the first time via Blogtoberfest?
Are you wishing for the warm weather to arrive like we are?

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