Saturday, 6 October 2012

blogtober 6th: intentions

It has been mentioned that setting a goal or intention for blogtober is a good way to stay motivated to post each day within the month. 

It was my goal to actually do this post on Wednesday, but if you look back on my posts, I did not post on Wednesday (because I completely forgot due to unknown reasons). I will post it now though, however delayed it might be. 

me looking pensive
So unfulfilled goals aside...

My intention is to continue to be me. 
To share the way that I share, but every day.
To involve myself in new ways and be introduced to new people. 
To read things about experiences others have had. 
To discover places I want to re-visit.
To enjoy and expand my new patch of cyberspace.
To make things.
To be generous and give. 
To continue to show snapshots of our life.

Are you playing along with blogtoberfest?
Do you have a blogtober goal?

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