Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Blogtober the 2nd: thumbs out again

I've mentioned before about the colour of my thumbs. I am far from a good gardener, and until recently I have left the majority of the gardening around here to the MR. 

I am starting to take more of an interest in the state of our garden now. Is it that I have more time on my hands? Is it that I want to teach my kids how to look after the earth? Is it that I am sick of seeing my ugly garden?

Probably a bit of each basket to be honest. 

I love getting out in the sunshine and pottering away doing some work in the garden. Mr-O and I tend to garden on Tuesday mornings but today was immunisation day for my big brave 4yo boy, so we saved the gardening til this afternoon.

We moved some of our seedlings into the garden bed because they were ready. I had my camera on hand too to take lots of photos. Mr-O had his with him as well because let's just face it, Mum is awesome and everyone wants to be like her especially this boy.

We did some watering.

We even watered the fence. Very important for optimal fence growth.

We also checked on the growth of our seeds. Some more will be ready to go into the garden soon. We now have some beetroot, some beans and some peas all in the garden bed. We are waiting on our tomatoes and watermelon to be ready to go in too.

It is nice to see green things growing in our garden after a long period of nothing but weeds and dirt.

I also made the decision to attack this today. This is the pathway that leads from our laundry to our clothesline and I NEVER use it. The trees are overgrown, there are dead leaves and spiderwebs everywhere and I am terrified of getting eaten by a spider. I have been asking the MR for a while now to cut it back as he usually does it for me so I am not attacked by any Amy-eating spiders. I made the decision to do it myself today (OH yeah sisters!)

There was a lot of grunting to try to get through branches with my cutters and I had to brave the spiderwebs with my outdoor broom which is the longest cleaning instrument I could find. And then there was the sweeping... gee there was lots of old dead leaves on that ground!! But two bags of green waste later I had this..

No spiderwebs, only a few branches that I simply could not cut with my cutters and a beautiful clean path. I can use this pathway now! All I need for perfection is one of those laundry trolleys so I can get rid of the old kids table sitting at the clothes line for me to sit baskets on so I don't have to try to bend right down to the ground (quite difficult with metal rods in your back I have found).

What are you up to today?
Do you have gardening rituals like us?
Are there dark paths at your place that you simply don't use because of the spiders?

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