Wednesday, 10 July 2013

school holidays

We are loving the school holidays here.

We can sleep in, watch television, play video games, knit, read, go to the library and just basically do whatever we feel like. It is wonderful.

Although I am going vaguely mad from the amount of Nickelodeon I have been exposed to over the last 2 days it is a nice change from Dora.

Ruth and me hanging out on school holidays

Oliver comes home today from his adventure holiday at Granny's farm, I have loved my time alone with Ruth, we have relaxed and really just had quality time. But it will be lovely to have both of my kiddies at home. I have missed Oliver so much!!

In the mean time, Ruth has calisthenics this morning so I am lucky enough to get to stick my head into a book without interruptions for an hour or so before having to pick up my little man.

I hope he remembers me!!

P.S. I am working on a recipe to share tomorrow :) Watch this space!!
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