Saturday, 20 July 2013

using your imagination

Today was awfully cold and wet here in Melbourne. I spent the majority of my morning looking for, and subsequently hanging out in, a laundromat. But it was full of good company and I met a few sweet others who had broken washing machines as well, or simply needed to use the dryers.

This afternoon, my kids seemed so bored sitting around watching television so I made them get up and go do something else. After a little while we heard them opening two packets of UNO stacko. We started to stop them, but thought... what the heck, let them go and create some mess, some fun, and see what they come up with! 

**Please excuse my iPhone photos, sometimes these action shots don't happen if you have to run off to find a camera!**

UNO stacko castle

UNO stacko castle

This is a castle for a queen according to my kids. I love it how they can make up an entire scenario with their imaginations and run with it. After they knocked this down, they made a throne for the cat. She ran away as soon as they made their intentions known.

This is something I think I can learn from my kids. Your imagination is the only limit you set for yourself, and if you put a cap on it, you are only limiting your potential. So many times I focus on the "what if's" in my mind rather than running with my ideas and the possibilities that they hold. In my kids' case, if we had put a cap on their imagination, the cat possibly wouldn't have a throne...

What do your kids do when it is rainy?

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