Tuesday, 23 July 2013

what to do on Tuesday...

More specifically, what do do with an almost 5 year old who is constantly wanting to learn more and more and is exhausting your stores of interesting knowledge, or more importantly, exhausting you?!?!

On Tuesday mornings we have been heading down to our local library for story time. Our main local library has activities for pre-schoolers every morning at 10.30am. This is PERFECT for little boys who just desperately want to be learning and playing and just being out of the house in general. We have made lots of cool things, and over the holidays we even made space dioramas! Really engaging and really fun!

When our local library does story time, the stories are generally revolved around a theme. This morning was a farmyard theme and at the end, the activity was to colour in a pig picture. 

Local Library craft session

As soon as I saw the picture, I said to Oliver, "Let's make a mask out of that!" He agreed that my idea was wonderful. So he coloured in his pig mask with all of the rainbow colours that took his fancy.

Colouring in

And then we cut it out. Once we got home, I found some elastic amongst my sewing things and stapled it to the outsides and... TADA...

Super Piggy!

Super Piggy!!

Oliver is so excited about his mask that he actually hasn't taken it off. In fact, every activity that we go to down at the library, he ends up super excited about whatever he has made and never wants it to leave his side.

Does your local library hold sessions for children? Why not have a look?
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